Saturday, April 29, 2017

WK14 Bobwhite Manatee Transmission Line

       Week 14  lab finals we were given the task to run GIS Arcmap analysis for the Bobwhite Manatee Transmission Line. The projected consisted of filtering data for land sensitive areas, displaying land parcels and residential homes that would be affected by the transmission line. In the map below it displays all the residential homes within the preferred corridor and the 400ft preferred corridor buffer zone. This is just one of the maps that i generated for the project.
        The mapped displayed is a map showing the homes that are affected by the transmission line. The residential homes displayed are those that are within the preferred corridor and those that are within the 400ft buffer zone.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WK13 Georeferencing

       In this week we learned how to georeference data by using the control points tool. We defined the spatial reference point to an unknown vector data. We learned what residual and Root Mean Square Errors are. This lab taught us how ot use many now tools in ARCmap. We used the editor, georeferencing, Multiple Image Buffer tool bars. Also we learned how to create a 3D map image using ARCscene.
      In the first map there are two data frames. The first data frame is of the UWF campus with an inset map of Escambia County, FLorida signifying the location of the Campus.
The second map shows a 3D rendition of the campus.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wk12 Geocoding

In week 12 the lab focused on  creating address locators, conducting geocodes to match the addresses, we learned how to fix geocoding problems,  and we created  a route analysis. The lab also included much of the previous labs .

The map I generated shows two data frames. Frame 1 shows an outline of Lake County, Florida with the EMS locations included. In Frame 2 it shows a zoomed view of the optimal route for the three specified EMS location that I have chosen.

Monday, March 27, 2017

WK10 Vector2

In lab 10 we learned how to set buffers on layer data, unify layers, and erase layers. We learned how to utilize Arcpy and run analysis with script, also learned how to select data depending on the integer placed in the field column. The map I created shows a map of possible campsites with conservation areas in the Desoto Mississippi.  In the map I placed a 100 meter buffer for the conservation areas, and deleted that buffer from the surrounding campsite. This gave the campsites a 100 meter cushion between them and the conservation area.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Calhoun County Florida

   I was assigned to create an Arcmap of Calhoun County Florida. At a glance the lab appeared to be something that I did not want any part of, but as the lab progressed I began to better understand what was needed to accomplish this lab. I actually found the lab enjoyable in the end. The only part that I did not like was having to search through the many files in order to get the correct data to fit what one was trying to show. I learned a lot in this lab, not only did this lab use the teachings of the previous labs, but it also taught me other methods of manipulating physical features of the projected data. With this lab we familiarized ourselves with FGDL, Labins, and I also learned how to search and download the correct data needed for ArcMaps.
  The ArcMap I created actually consist of two maps, the Map on the left is a basic map layout showing the major roads, cities, major rivers, parks, invasive plants of Calhoun County. The map to the right is a map that shows the hydrology, elevations, land cover, and the DOQQ of Calhoun County Florida. 


Thursday, February 23, 2017


In this weeks lab we were able to learn how to download specific DRG, and aerial images from such web based sites like, Once the files were downloaded we were able to manipulate what reference properties in which projected the images on to the map. We also learned how to turn GSP degree coordinates into decimals which in turn can be used as data, and then be used to locate things in the map. The map shown below is a map showing the petroleum storage locations in Walnut Hill in Escambia County. The dots signify the location of the storage tanks.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

WK5 Projecitons Prt1

 In this week’s episode we learned various things like geodesy, datums, ellipsoids, coordinate systems all of which assist you in georeferencing and projections. In the lab we were given three types of coordinate systems to work with.
The map I created shows the counties of Florida, within the map there are selected counties that were highlighted for the lab. Each map referenced a different coordinate system. The legends incorporated in each map shows the selected counties and their names. The chart below the maps indicate the Square mileage of each selected county and shows the differences in data from each system.